Fresh Punk Band Headlining Concert

The young and talented punk rock band Spritz is the opening act of the Showdown Festival 2k22 featuring other brother-blooded bands such has Death's Doormat, Sesame Trail, and Gorepaint.

This up and coming powerhouse of a 4-piece punk group have turned many heads with locals, as the ages of the members range from 15 to 55. The drummer of the band, Daniel Washburn, is the father of the rhythm guitarist and vocalist, Charley. The group is used to the questioning of the member lineup, but the bassist, Melody Rogers, has an explanation.

Explanation for diverse members by bassist

Yeah, when we first started out, it was just me and Charley. We constantly went to other local music groups in search for a drummer, but we never found anybody. I guess it was then when his dad noticed our problem and proposed to be the drum man for us. It wasn't until some time after he joined us that I found out he had been playing since he was 12, so, yeah I guess that's cool... After we wrote our first EP, it got good traction online, and that's how we were able to find our lead guitarist, (Mason Maxwell) well, I should say he found us. Despite his age, he's a freaking God on lead, dude was born from Petrucci and Zeus. (giggles)

Spritz's 30 minute setlist will include hits of theirs like Mom's At Work, I Buried Your Dog Yesterday, and Melody's personal favourite, Bass Solo for a Sad Sunday.


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